Business models




Resource Hiring projects


Research and Development partnering

  • Consept design
  • Productization design
  • Packaging design
  • All Inclusive –projects

  • Professional for organizations use

  • Project Management- and Professional resources

  • Mechanical Engineering resources

  • Prototype design and manufacturing and/or sourcing with all inclusive – package

  • Research and Development partnering

  • Product lifetime maintenance services

  • Integrated research and development process


Sourcing, Procurement and Logistics



Management Consulting

We ensure for our customers material availability by using our strong experience from material management, sourcing and procurement and logistics.

We can build whole Supply Chain for our customers based on customer requirements or Harald Service Oy supplier requirements. Our criterias are: Quality,Cost, Supply and Delivery.

We do always Cost Break Down analysis for components.Analysis shows costs for every individual cost: raw materials, labour, purchased parts and different production costs. Based on analysis potential cost savings can be made.


We do different Consultation projects, where our experienced professionals help our customers in their re-structuring and/or improvement tasks in businesses or projects. Our method is to analyse company operational and/or business functions and based on findings propose corrective actions to increase company profitability.

  • Business development

  • Productivity improvement

  • Management operating system improvement

  • Sales and Key customer management development

  • Innovation management


Quality Consulting

We do ISO9001 quality control audits and assessments. We can provide to our customer whole quality control system based on ISO9001 –standard, we also can execute audits and assessments based on customers own quality systems and create corrective action plans based on findings. Our partner in Quality consultation is Bureau Veritas Finland.

We can provide through our partners six-sigma black belt professional services.

We can create Quality critearias for our customers: Visual Quality, Durability etc. based on customer product and requirements.

We do also different Quality verification and monitoring tools for our customers(Cpk, Ppk, FAI, Ppm).