Valkee 2

We responded to the Valkee 2 aluminum main unit mechanical design , The supplier sourcing , quality assurance and documentation .

During the project we worked in close cooperation with the customer and their partners , in the end result born product, which meets medical standards and high end finishing in same consumer product .

Product design is challenging and of the final aim was as seamless as possible . By combining the latest knowledge on consumer electronics products in the design and implementation could be to design a product with the above things were fulfilled , and the product could be produced cost-effectively.

Manufacture of the product benefits to the wide range of manufacturing processes
(such as machining, forging , injection molding ) . With the right manufacturing method the choices at the design stage to minimize the effects to schedule changes and costs in end of the process

The product has a high level of finishing . The correct choice of materials for coating and optimize the user to be mediated by the image quality of the product.

Strict quality control and precise documentation helped the quality assurance throughout the supply chain .

We are proud to say that we have been part of this product placing on the market.